"Gallery of Horns"

Club 70

Bulls 70"+ tip to tip

   Several years of dedication to finding the longest horned animals in the industry that started with less than ten animals has grown to over 200 animals. Due to the enormous number of cows that measure between 70"-75" they have been omitted from "Club 70". If you need some indication of how many animals would be entered in addition to what exists, it would total nearly 300 - 500 more animals. Enjoy this reference guide and stop back often as measurements are updated all the time. Please take some time to also check out the Arrowhead Cattle Company inventory! Enjoy the new look and any feedback or updates are greatly appreciated. If you are passionate about long horns these Longhorns should give you a true sense of how close you are to the top! Arrowhead Cattle Company encourages you to participate in any or all of the three of the official horn measuring contests that will be held throughout the year.