Breeding Philosophy

Here at Arrowhead Cattle Company the program is constantly updated to fit the market conditions and the needs and wants of both novice breeders and master breeders. Consider where you might fit in and let us help you continue on your path to success.

The Longhorn business today is the best it has ever been. It is easier than ever to be apart of the top breeding programs. The best genetic packages are available at wholesale prices. Never before has there been a time when so much money could be made in the Longhorn business. The dynamics have changed, but the goals are the same. To be an individual with a unique product to offer. For those who are patient enough the rewards are great. If time is an issue for you and jumping to the top is the way you want to go, then this is the time for you. With minimal investment a elite herd can be acquired. If time is on your side, enjoy the buffet of Longhorn options that are at your disposal.

As a breeder/marketing consultant it is important to know the ropes of the Longhorn world. However the basic fundamental knowledge can be learned within minutes. Lesson 1, pick up a trade magazine and go through it page by page looking at pictures. You have two choices... long horns or short horns. If you can pick out the long horns you have completed lesson 1. Lesson 2, buy long horns! That's it, your all done! In reality it can be far more complicated. From learning what is a valuable pedigree, why a pedigree is valuable, what qualities should a Longhorn have, what bull to use on a certain cow, when to buy a bull, when to buy a bull, what to do with offspring, and the list goes on and on. However, at the end of the day the basics are simple. Here at ACC we offer many options to the open market. The single trait we breed for is happiness. With that happiness comes fun and excitement, and that is what ACC is all about!

For beginning breeders ACC offers wholesale prices based on the average market conditions. These animals are prices so everybody can enjoy the Longhorn business. These animals are not culls or defective, they are good solid animals with some pedigree to offer. They may not be the most colorful or have the most horns, but they will consistently produce a great Longhorn baby.

For prospect breeders who are either getting started or for veteran breeders looking to get serious, we offer the next generation of bloodlines. At ACC we keep up with all the great bulls and cows in the market. Every year a few choice bulls are chosen to make the next generation of "Super Longhorns". The bulls we breed to are chosen based on availability, price stability of progeny, advertising, pedigree, and overall quality of sire. These calf crops are usually priced at a flat rate. This is done for anticipation! Trying to decide if one or all of the calves will turn into winners is like betting on race horses. Instead of over inflating the prices, all calves are priced to sell. It is up to you to prospect the calf crop to see if you can find the winners!

For investment breeders Longhorns make great tax shelters. With a long life span and great calving records the choice to invest into Longhorns over other breeds is quite easy. ACC has recently started to offer special deals on cattle to partnership on. Each partnership is a little different. Options include 50/50 split where a cow or bull is owned 50/50 by each party (this may include many other partners). Leasing, a cow or bull can be leased to improve your program. This option comes with many different versions such as using an ACC cow to perform an embryo transfer on and in return you pay with one heifer calf from the flush (inquire for details). Many of the ACC bulls have been leased through the years and to help make this option affordable heifer calves substitute as cash for lease payment. Boarding, with the addition of more lease land ACC now has the ability to board animals. Arrowhead Cattle Company is on the leading edge of customer service. With so many options it is a sure bet that we can find one for you.

For master breeders we offer some of the best bloodlines and the biggest horns to include in your program. These animals are great sires and dams and have proven records of success. Evaluation is the key and we work to be honest to the breed. Many of our cows approach the "Cash Cow" status and for good reason. If we have made money with them, then so should you. If you succeed then we succeed with you.

For Butler Influenced genetics we offer a select group of Longhorns with well traced bloodlines. Each generation is bred to produce more horn and more body. The future calf crops will be selected and bred to be complete packages that can compete with any blended Longhorn in the industry today. Our Butler Influenced herd is one of the most colorful and distinct sets of cows of it kind. They are all Artificially Inseminated to breed to very specific lines to maximize the success of the progeny.

In the near future ACC is going to offer a service to help commercial cow breeders a way to make more money working the say way they have been with less investment and more fun. Longhorns are the key, and now we know how!

The ACC breeding program is as diverse as the Longhorns themselves. We still strive for the basics of "long horns", however with a market when money can be made in virtually every area, it seems like the only right thing to do is to be a part of it!