January 1, 2024
by Craig Perez

 The class of 2014 is perhaps one of the most important classes that will be posted for you to review. Why? Great question, and the answer is that it is 10 years from the writing of this blog. The reason that is important will become more apparent in the near future as this information is going to be used in a much larger scale that will change the industry as much as the Gallery of Horns itself has done. 
 Keep coming back to review this information as it will be the focus of most of my attention throughout 2024. The next generation of this information will be able to be viewed on the Semen Hub blog where the information will be combined with information from the bulls represented in the Semen Hub. 
 Below you will find two spreadsheets, one for bulls and one for cows. The information is taken from the Gallery of Horns and is live based on new additions to the gallery. If you have Longhorns that should be in the Gallery of Horns, Email Me.

Bulls of 2014

Cows of 2014