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The exclusive reference collection of all the longest horned cattle in the industry

Did you know?

The Gallery of Horns started collecting data in 2003, not long after the very first Horn Showcase. Prior to the Horn Showcase in the industry, breeders really had no way to understand how their program measured up to the competition. The Gallery of Horns took that to the next level by keeping track of all Texas Longhorns without discrimination. The Gallery of Horns is about the cattle. A place for them to shine for their achievements.

Thousands of hours have been invested into the Gallery of Horns, giving breeders a one of a kind look into this breed. For each breeder something new can be gathered from it.

The longest distance between two points!

The "Gallery of Horns" has been developed as reference to long horned cattle. For those of you who are veterans to those of you who are just checking out the longhorn business, here is a quick and easy way to see who is who and what is what. While some bulls are not "proven" bulls they have proven themselves to have long horns! Nearly every breeder has their own preference in what they believe a good bull should look like. Although most would say if you have to look at one, it might as well have long horns! It took hundreds of hours of phone calls, hundreds of emails, and dozens of ranch tours to be able to bring this page to you. Many of these bulls are not "officially measured" however most of the top bulls have been. For many of the others they have been witnessed by several other breeders (which can qualify as "officially measured"). In a quest to obtain accurate information we have gone out to ranches to assist measuring of these bulls. We are serious about longhorns and long horns! If you have a bull that "measures up" let us know (Arrowhead Cattle Company) and he can be added for everyone to see.

In 2003 there was less than 10 bulls with over 70" tip to tip. By the end of 2004 there was 13 bulls with over 70" tip to tip. The 2005 Horn Showcase would find the 20th bull with over 70". We estimated by the end of 2006 there would be over 35 bulls with over 70" of horn tip to tip. In fact there was 35 bulls at the end of 2006. For the 2007 year 62 bulls would stack up in "Club 70". 2008 will mark the shift from 70's to 80's as the 75" mark is being overwhelmed. As we predicted, a huge growth resulted in Club 80 climbing over 10 Longhorns. While we anticipated the first 85" animal in 2008, our main contender didn't get measured. Moving into 2009 the "Gallery of Horns" saw the 100th bull enter into the gallery. Thanks to the TLMA the Longhorn Road Tour was launched to find the longest horned bulls and cows in the industry. This has led to several of the Club 80 entries to be officially measured for the first time. The challenge continues as the 2009 horn measurements come in and the expectations are very high!