Club 40 Bulls

Bulls 40" tip to tip @ 12 months old

In a quest to keep up with the next level of new up and coming bulls and cows it has become clear that a new method for tracking be established. Mel Raley of El Coyote Ranch once said that he worked by the method of 3 - 50 - 2. That is: 3 years old, 50" tip to tip, and 2 calves on the ground

For a while the industry would bend the curve to watch bulls like JP Rio Grande hit 62 1/4" @ 24 months old. Soon it became almost common to see heifers hit 50" @ 24 months. As you can imagine the challenge has been moving forward once again.

Now the challenge is: 40" tip to tip @ 12 months

For those animals represented in this gallery, it is likely you will see them later as they move into CLUB 69, CLUB 70, CLUB 80, CLUB 90, and likely as they first hit CLUB 100. You may be asking yourself when is it going to be enough horn? The question isn't how much horn is enough, the question will be which of these animals will be the total package of horn, body, size, and fertility. The ability to do almost anything with Longhorns is amazing. The market has spoken, the quest is for the biggest, best, and most complete. Watch these animals and you will see, the ones that become the most popular, the most used, and the most talked about, will be those that can fill the requirements of a complete animal.