Arrowhead Cattle Company is working with Joe Dowling on Elite Bulls. This exciting new website is a broker service that deal in only BULLS!!! Since the beginning of the year Elite Bulls has began a steady pace of gathering and selling Registered Texas Longhorn Bulls. This energy is quickly making a big difference in the industry. The bull market is often the most challenging market for most breeders. Elite Bulls offers an alternative way to market, promote, buy, sell, lease, and breed cows. The future is bright for Elite Bulls and we plan to make a bigger impact in the Longhorn breed as the year continues. 

 2016 will bring three four major changes to the Registered Texas Longhorn bull market.

            1. In May 14, 2016 the Elite Bulls Field Day will feature all of the great bulls that Elite Bulls has to offer in the Elite Bulls breeding service. We will also introducing and beginning our A.I., E.T., and calf raising program. During the Field Day we will be unveiling the details of our 2017 plans for the first Elite Bulls Futurity.
            2. A new makeover in how Elite Bulls markets and sells bulls for our clients. Elite Bulls will be working with the Gallery of Horns through Arrowhead Cattle Company to bring a new way to help buyers make educated buying decisions on herd sires that will change their programs for the better.
            3. November 28, 2016 on Cyber Monday Elite Bulls will feature its first Registered Texas Longhorn Bull Sale. Powered by Hired Hand Live this is the ideal way to buy and sell Registered Texas Longhorn bulls. As always, Elite Bulls will be at your service to help transport your new herd sire. 

 Elite Bulls will continue to break ground on new ways to help evolve the Longhorn industry when it comes to buying, selling, and marketing Registered Texas Longhorn bulls.

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Happy New Year!!!

2016 will be the biggest year the Semen Hub has seen. Early in the year the Semen Hub will be powered by a new software powered by Hired Hand to help both clients and customers improve their semen shopping experience. Semen Hub will also be working under its own website as it blossoms out of the shadow of the Arrowhead Cattle Company website. Don't worry, Arrowhead Cattle Company will still keep a handy link to help you get there. Likewise, the Semen Hub will keep a link handy to help you get back.
 The growth of the Semen Hub has been dramatic and the requests for Semen Hub promotional gear have been ongoing. Starting now, Semen Hub caps are available. $20.00 plus shipping & handling. (Warning, wearing Semen Hub caps do create unusual looks from on-lookers). 


Semen sires of all sorts to take your program to the next level.  
Over 300 bulls available to breed to your cows!

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   The Gallery of Horns is getting ready for a major addition. Years ago Arrowhead Cattle Company started the Gallery of Horns to share the information collected on the longest horned bulls and cows in the industry. Since the beginning that started with Club 69 (bulls over 65" tip to tip) & Club 70 (bulls over 70" tip to tip) the industry has made great strides. The Gallery of Horns has added many clubs, Club 70 cows, Club 80 bulls, Club 80 cows, Club 90 bulls, Club 90 cows, Club 40, Club Total Horn, and Club Steers have all added to the largest and most popular site for researching Registered Texas Longhorns.
   Thousands of hours have gone in to the making of the Gallery of Horns. Soon the next generation in the evolution of Longhorns will begin. The Gallery of Horns has developed a new way to feature the best of the best. In a time of Ultimate Bull & Cow, Superior Bull & Cow, Breeder's Choice of Bull & Cow, World Show Grand Champions, Horn Showcase Champions, Call of the Horns Champions, Longhorn Extravaganza Champions, and Futurity Champions the pastures are filled with champions of one sort or another. In 2016 the for the first time the Gallery of Horns will take the first step to settle the question of who is the best of the best. While the longest of the breed has been reliably featured for over a decade, now Arrowhead Cattle Company will bring you the ranking of the best of the best. If your Registered Texas Longhorns aren't on their, you either don't want to be there or just haven't tried.



 Arrowhead Cattle Company will host two production sales in 2016. Nearly a decade of breeding, buying, selling, and trading cows have led to a new concept in production sale production. Working with the Semen Hub and Elite Bulls, all the cows and heifers sold in the production sale will either be bred using semen from the Semen Hub, bred to a service sire from Elite Bulls, or bred and branded with the distinctive arrowhead brand. As a benefit to our customers from the production sale, Arrowhead Cattle Company will be offering a buy back on calves produced by the cows and heifers purchased through the production sale. Arrowhead Cattle Company is proud to serve the Longhorn industry and will continue to listen, learn, and promote the Longhorn industry.  

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  "The Fantastic Four" presented here. These are all daughters of Cloud Waltzer my first cow and own daughter of Phenomenon. All four of these daughters are over 70" tip to tip with a young Tempter daughter coming up quick! 

The Top 5 Arrowhead Cattle Company Web Site Features


1. Semen Hub - The best deals and the biggest variety of Longhorn & Deer Semen available on the internet.

2. Gallery of Horns - The exclusive reference collection of all the longest horned cattle in the industry.

3. Sale Arena - View all the great Registered Texas Longhorns that ACC has to offer.

4. Links - (I checked) the LARGEST LONGHORN LINKS page on the Internet.

5. Official Horn Measurements - TLBAA, ILTA, and TLMA official horn measurements can be found only here.

The first
90" tip to tip Registered Texas Longhorns have arrived!

   The World Famous
"Gallery Of Horns"
 Where it all started, the first ten 80" tip to tip Longhorns!!!