PPF Trilogy

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Crown Creek Cattle LLC
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PPF Trilogy
Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Tip to Tip78.750002/20/2024  
Tip to Tip78.500012/07/2023  
Tip to Tip77.750004/08/2018  
Tip to Tip78.000009/30/2017 Horn Showcase
Total Horn102.130009/30/2017 Horn Showcase
Tip to Tip77.630006/24/2017  
Tip to Tip77.500004/29/2017  
Tip to Tip77.500009/05/2016  
Tip to Tip77.000004/29/2016  
Tip to Tip77.000012/12/2015  
Tip to Tip76.630009/06/2015  
Tip to Tip76.380007/29/2015Six Years Old 
Tip to Tip76.130006/27/2015  
Tip to Tip76.000005/16/2015  
Base15.250010/04/2014Left Base 
Base16.125010/04/2014Right BaseHSC & LWC
Tip to Tip75.630010/04/2014 HSC & LWC
Total Horn97.750010/04/2014 HSC & LWC
Tip to Tip75.250008/31/2014  
Tip to Tip75.130007/29/2014Five Years Old 
Tip to Tip74.750005/17/2014  
Tip to Tip74.380003/09/2014  
Tip to Tip73.630011/09/2013  
Composite198.500010/05/20132nd PlaceHorn Showcase
Tip to Tip73.500010/05/20133rd PlaceHorn Showcase
Total Horn94.500010/05/20132nd PlaceHorn Showcase
Tip to Tip72.880008/10/2013  
Tip to Tip72.500007/29/2013Four Years Old 
Tip to Tip71.750006/23/2013  
Tip to Tip70.750002/16/2013  
Tip to Tip70.000012/29/2012Three Years & Five Months 
Composite182.690010/27/20123rd Place Longhorn World Championship
Tip to Tip69.570010/27/2012 Longhorn World Championship
Total Horn83.750010/27/2012 Longhorn World Championship
Composite183.125010/13/2012Bronze WinnerHorn Showcase
Tip to Tip69.375010/13/2012Bronze WinnerHorn Showcase
Total Horn84.500010/13/2012Bronze WinnerHorn Showcase
Tip to Tip68.500007/29/2012Three Years Old 
Tip to Tip67.250006/18/2012  
Tip to Tip64.250002/20/2012  
Tip to Tip63.500001/13/2012  
Composite161.500010/13/2011Bronze WinnerHorn Showcase
Tip to Tip61.250010/13/2011Bronze WinnerHorn Showcase
Total Horn70.750010/13/20112nd PlaceHorn Showcase
Base14.250010/01/2011 LWC
Composite159.630010/01/2011Bronze WinnerLWC
Tip to Tip60.750010/01/2011 LWC
Total Horn70.380010/01/2011Bronze WinnerLWC
Tip to Tip58.000007/27/2011Two Years Old !!! 
Tip to Tip56.250006/25/2011  
Tip to Tip54.000005/21/2011  
Tip to Tip47.000002/20/2011  
Tip to Tip40.000011/13/2010  
Tip to Tip34.500009/05/2010  
Tip to Tip30.500007/29/2010One Year OldCalculated
Tip to Tip29.250007/10/2010