BRR Rio Champion

Date of Birth:
brown with white line back, white belly, with speckled face
Owner Name:
John Marshall
John Marshall
Beautifully developing 4 year-old son of our illustrious JBM Becca II and Rio Grande, one of the original embryos from that distinguished cross. Impeccable pedigree and the body, color and disposition to match. Excellent young sire -- has been serving at Tom Smith's fine breeding program in Michigan. Champion combines the Jamakizm line through his famous dam and the legendary productivity of Rio Grande. Going to be an excellent herd sire. Champion has been a great producer for us but he has worked himself out of a job here at Blueridge. So to keep him from having to go to the scales we wanted to offer him out to the public for lease or purchase. He is very calm, easy to work and his color and body is perfect. His total horn is in the in the 90 range but the tip to tip is not very good. For lease the cost is $200 and keep him as long as you want. To purchase him out right it will take $1,000.
PH #:
Reg #1:
AI Number:
Sales Comments:
SEMEN PRICE: $50/straw (no minimum)
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Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Base14.500009/23/201966 mo 
Composite184.750009/23/201966 mo 
Tip to Tip66.250009/23/201966 mo 
Total Horn89.500009/23/201966 mo 
Base13.750001/25/201958 months 
Composite183.000001/25/201958 months 
Tip to Tip66.000001/25/201958 months 
Total Horn89.500001/25/201958 months 
Base13.500012/14/201745 MONTHS 
Composite176.500012/14/201745 MONTHS 
Tip to Tip64.500012/14/201745 MONTHS 
Total Horn85.000012/14/201745 MONTHS 
Tip to Tip64.500012/04/201745 MONTHS 
Tip to Tip63.500007/03/201739 months 
Base13.250001/24/201734 months 
Composite164.500001/24/201734 months 
Tip to Tip61.500001/24/201734 months 
Total Horn76.500001/24/201734 months 
Base13.000011/07/201631 months 
Composite161.000011/07/201631 months 
Tip to Tip60.500011/07/201631 months 
Total Horn74.500011/07/201631 months 
Tip to Tip56.250004/12/201625 months 
Total Horn61.000004/12/201625 months 
Tip to Tip51.000012/07/201520 months 
Total Horn55.000012/07/201520 months 
Tip to Tip48.250009/25/201518 months 
Tip to Tip40.500006/17/201515 months 
Tip to Tip33.750003/23/201512 months 
Tip to Tip23.750012/03/20148 months 
Tip to Tip19.000010/06/20146 months 
Tip to Tip17.500009/20/20146 months old 
Tip to Tip16.250009/02/20145 months