The Semen Hub website is currently under major construction. After 3 major revisions to keep up with the needs of our customers, it was decided to truly accommodate the needs of our sellers and buyers a whole new platform would need to be developed. Stay tuned as the Semen Hub website will be back and when it does it will change everything in the semen sales market. Until then, Arrowhead Cattle Company will be the home for the Semen Hub. Thank you for your continued patience and support. Updates will start rolling out on our Facebook page when things are getting closer to the relaunch.

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One stop shop for frozen semen
Easy way to market frozen semen
Easy way to purchase frozen semen
Easier way to save on shipping of frozen semen
The only limit on fozen semen available is the amount collected
If it's out there, chances are The Semen Hub can get it to you!