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2 Bar 2 Ranch
2 Kreeks Ranch

3G Ranch
3P Longhorn Ranch

4 Gone Ranch
4T Longhorns
4UH Longhorns
6H Longhorns
7 Bar Longhorns
7-7-3 Ranch
A Splash of Color Longhorns
Abuelo Half Moon Longhorns 
Allen Ranch

Anderson Ranch
Angel Wolf Ranch
Assad Texas Longhorn Cattle Co.
Astera Meadows Ranches
BC Ranches
Bar C Four Longhorns
Bar L Cattle Company

Bar W Ranch
Bella Rio Ranch
Bentoak Ranch 
Bentwood Ranch
Billingsley Longhorns
Blair's Rockin' B Longhorns

Blue Coyote Ranch
Blue Moon Farm
Blue Ridge Ranch
Bolen Longhorns
Bottorff Longhorns
Box Z Ranch
Brazos Rose Ranch
Brett Ranch
Broken Arrow Ranch
Buffalo Gap Longhorns 
Bull Creek Longhorns
Burrows Family Longhorns 
C&W Ranch
Cactus Ridge Ranch
Cactus Rose Longhorns
Cadiz Longhorns
Canyon Trail Longhorns 
Carona Ranch 
Carter Ranch
Carving Creek Farm
Cherokee Cattle Company
Circle Double C Ranch
Circle K Ranch
Classic Canyon Ranch
Clinard Longhorns
Cloud 9 Longhorns
Cottonwood Creek Ranch
CP Longhorns
Craft Ranch 
Dalgood Longhorns
Deer Creek Longhorns
Deer Run Land & Cattle 
Diamond D Longhorn Ranch
Diamond D Ranch
Diamond G Longhorns
Diamond H Longhorns
Diamond P Longhorns
DNA Longhorns
Double Heart Ranch
Double Helix Ranch 
Double LB Longhorns
Double M Ranch
Double N Cattle Company
Double T Longhorns
Dreamcatcher Ranch  
DWD Longhorns
E L Longhorns
El Coyote Ranch
Elm Creek Longhorns
Eyman Buckaroo Ranch
F Bar Longhorns
Fisher Ranch Longhorns
Four W Ranch
Gennin Longhorns
Gentz Cattle Co
Good Life Ranch
Grandpatch Farm
Granger Cattle Company
GVR Longhorns
Hacienda PBT
Hart's Creek Longhorns
Helm Cattle Company
Hickman Longhorns
Hollow Horn Ranch
Holy Cow Longhorns
Hooker Longhorns
Howell Ranch 
I'm A Tellin' U Longhorns
IM Ranch 
Indian Point Ranch
J&C Longhorns
Jack Mountain Ranch
Janine Turner Longhorns
JC Longhorns
JHC Longhorns 
JR Ranch
JT Wehring Longhorns
JW Longhorns
K9 BranD Cattle Company
K&T Longhorns
KDK Longhorns 
King Springs Ranch
KO Ranch
Krazy K Longhorns
La Pistola Longhorns
Lago Haven Ranch 
Lazy A Ranch
Lazy JH Ranch
Lazy JP Ranch
Lazy L Longhorns
Lazy R Miniature Longhorns
Leanin' Star Longhorns
Legacy S Longhorns
Legend Valley Longhorn Ranch 
Lemley Longhorns
Liberty Longhorn Ranch 
Lightning Longhorns
Limb Cattle Co 
LNL Longhorns
Lone Star Ranch
Lonesome Pines Ranch
Lucky Star Ranch
Lucy Creek Ranch
Luminary Longhorn Ranch
M3 Longhorns
Marquess Arrow Ranch
Mayden Longhorns 
MB Longhorns 
Miller Ranch
MMR Longhorns
Moriah Farms
Moss Longhorns
Mosser Longhorns
Mountain Creek Longhorns
MW Longhorns
Noble Oaks Longhorns

Ocho Lagos Ranch

OCK Longhorns
Oliver Longhorns

Pampero Ranch
Pearl Longhorn Ranch
Pecan Creek Longhorns
Pelt Farm
Pendleton Ranch
Pinetree Longhorns
Plainview Longhorns 
Planta Polo Farm
Quixote Longhorns
R.E. Carroll Ranch
R&R Longhorns 
R3 Hilltop
Rafter D Ranch
Rafter H Longhorns
Rancho Dos Ninos 
RDH Longhorns
Red Circle Ranch
Red McCombs Ranch 
Red Peak Ranch
Red Tree Farms
Redden Longhorns
Riske Ranch
Rio Vista Ranch
River Ranch Longhorns
Robertson Longhorns 
Rockin' AF Ranch
Rockin I Longhorns
Rockin' Z Longhorns
Rocking G Longhorns
Rocking KP Longhorns
Rocking E-W Ranch
Rocking O Ranch
Rocking W Longhorns
Rocky Bluff Ranch
Rollin B Ranch
Rugged Cross Ranch
Running Arrow Farm
Running M Longhorns
RV Ranch Longhorns
S & P Cattle Company 
Sand Dollar Ranch
Schumacher Longhorns
Shoot N Star Longhorns
Shudde Ranch
Silent H Ranch
Silver T Ranch
SS Longhorns
SSS Legacy Ranch
Star Creek Ranch
Star E Land & Cattle 
Stars Over Texas Longhorns 
Stewart Ponderosa
Stockton/Burton Ranches
Stone Broke Ranch
Stonewall Valley Ranch
Stotts Hideaway Ranch
Struthoff Ranch
T Bar W Ranch
Taylor Cattle Company
Tejas Longhorn Ranch
Tensleon Ranch
Texas Twist Ranch Longhorns
Third Day Farm & Ranch
Three G Ranch
Timber Creek Longhorns 
Tio Benito Longhorns
TK Ranch
TL Longhorns 
Tonkawa Cattle Company
Triple F Ranch
Triple R Ranch
Triple T Longhorn Ranch
TS Adcock Longhorns
Twin Creeks Ranch
Twisted Sister Longhorns
TX W Ranches
VJ Longhorns    V&J Longhorns
Vida Nueva Ranch

Westwinds Ranch
Whispering Oaks Ranch
White Rock Ranch
Whistling Longhorn Ranch
Wild Wing Ranch 
XC Ranch
Y.O. Ranch 
Y4Texas Longhorns
Yard Art Ranch


D-R Henry Ranch
Double H Ranch


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