On 10/6/13 the first Registered Texas Longhorn bull was officially measured 90 1/8" tip to tip, making Cowboy Tuff Chex not only the first bull to be measured over 90", but the first bull to reach 90" that is out of a cow (BL Rio Catchit) that is over 90" tip to tip. The industry is moving fast. It was only a year ago that BL Rio Catchit, dam to Cowboy Tuff Chex first past the 90" mark as the first Registered Texas Longhorn to do so.

  1. COWBOY TUFF CHEX (10/6/13)
  2. CV CASANOVAS MAGNUM (10/20/16)
  3. CLEAR POINT (6/20/17)
  4. TCC WINNING HONOR (6/22/17)
  5. TCC HOUDINI (4/12/18)
  6. UNSCRIPTED BCB (7/10/18)