On 10/6/13 the first Registered Texas Longhorn bull was officially measured 90 1/8" tip to tip, making Cowboy Tuff Chex not only the first bull to be measured over 90", but the first bull to reach 90" that is out of a cow (BL Rio Catchit) that is over 90" tip to tip. The industry is moving fast. It was only one year previous that BL Rio Catchit, dam to Cowboy Tuff Chex first past the 90" mark as the first Registered Texas Longhorn to do so.

  1. COWBOY TUFF CHEX (10/6/13)
  2. CV CASANOVAS MAGNUM (10/20/16)
  3. CLEAR POINT (6/20/17)
  4. TCC WINNING HONOR (6/22/17)
  5. TCC HOUDINI (4/12/18)
  6. UNSCRIPTED BCB (7/10/18)
  7. PATTON HB (10/4/18)
  8. RZ WALKIN TALL (1/15/19)