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The semen industry has been good to us, for that reason the Semen Hub has outgrown the Arrowhead Cattle Company website. The new dedicated site, offers new services and breeds. Please follow the Semen Hub on Facebook.  

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Did you know? The Gallery of Horns started collecting data in 2003, not long after the very first Horn Showcase. Prior to these two advancements in the industry, breeders really had no way to understand how their program measured up to the competition.

Thousands of hours have been invested into the Gallery, giving breeders a one of a kind look into this breed. For each breeder something new can be gathered from it.

If you follow us on Facebook, you will see daily as new animals are added as well as those that are moving up. 

What else can you learn while visiting the Gallery of Horns? The “Did you know?“ series takes a deeper look into the world of Registered Texas Longhorns, giving Longhorn owners an idea of just how useful all of this information can be.


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"The Fantastic Four" presented here. These are all daughters of Cloud Waltzer my first cow and own daughter of Phenomenon. All four of these daughters are over 70" tip to tip with a young Tempter daughter coming up quick!